Sunday, July 30, 2006

A busy weekend

I have been very busy this weekend finishing up my items for the Essential Baby sewing swap. I have one lot all done except for a few buttons. The other still has two items that are not complete, but I should have them finished by midweek. So I am very excited as tomorrow morning I will try and get one of my reluctant models to try everything on for swap #1 and maybe I can even get some pics. And then it's off to the post office. It feels fantastic having finished one set, but I am still disappointed in part of it. I will reveal more when it has been received.

The set for swap#2 has a few wonky bits as well, but it was more challenging, so I am pleased that it even came out swappable at all. For a while I was contemplating starting something from scratch, but I do think the recipient of this one will be pleased. Now fingers crossed that everything will fit.

I tried to escape on my own to go thrifting today, but unfortunately I had not only the two smallest kids tag along, but my husband too. They spent the whole time running around crazy, tearing books off the shelves and complaining. And that includes my husband, not just the kids. I made the mistake of telling them we were going to the park afterwards, next time I will make the op-shop the highlight of the trip, or even better, just go on my own.
So I really didn't get to rummage through things like I normally do and there was nothing that just leapt out at me. I had all but given up hope of finding even one bargain, when I came across this book, 'Things to make for Children'.

It made the whole trip worthwhile as I had seen a tepee in a fancy toyshop a few months back, and was contemplating buying it for Christmas or the next birthday for Mister Monster. But really, who wants to pay $250 for a fancy kids play tent!!
So imagine my delight when I saw a tepee on the cover of this book. I snapped it up for $1 and having read the instructions, I think it is totally conceivable that I just might finish the tepee for Christmas. There is also a rather groovy retro rabbit bean bag that I may put on the Christmas list for one of the kids as well.


Helen said...

Hi Ingrid, oh that tee pee looks so cool!!! What colours are you thinking to make it in? My DD's would love it! Sorry to read that DH and kids weren't letting you browse in peace.... know how that feels! Helen

brazen's crafts said...

so the trip was worthwhile after all - yay!

ingrid said...

I don't know about colours Helen. But I am sure it won't be the browns and yellows that this whole book has pictured everything in, lol. I guess that's the 1970's though. I am thinking probably blues and/or greens :-)

Clair said...

love the little bunny bean bag.. that is soo cute, what a great idea too.