Monday, July 24, 2006

How many monsters?

How many monsters does it take to have fun?
When they come in a bag it only takes one!

Here is a little fellow I finished off today. He is a gift for my friend Nicole's new baby boy, who is almost 5 weeks old, so I am afraid I have been a bit tardy in the present department.
I am pleased with how he has come out apart from the very wonky stitching on one eye. I guess that is what happens when you try and machine applique around a small circle with the speed set on high after drinking two glasses of red wine. That was last night by the way, I am not yet at the stage of drinking red in the middle of the day while at home with the kids.

I have made quite a few of these bag monsters, but this is the last one using this particular vintage fabric. It is a beautiful bold blue floral, very 1970's flower power. I originally cut it up into a smock top for Lottie, but really didn't like the way it was headed. So it sat in the bottom of the UFO basket and then got transfered to the fabric scrap pile which is where I mostly make my softies from. And I just love it on these monsters, perfect for little boys without being girly at all.

The only thing is I always make a little drawstring bag for my monsters, hence why they are 'bag monsters', but I dont think there is one scrap left of this fabric to make this little guys bag. Oh well, I am sure to find something else to use, but I do prefer it when they at least look like a set.

So watch out baby Luke, one bag monster will soon be on his way!


brazen's crafts said...

ahhh your red wine comment gave me my first giggle for the day ! (not a good one today)

ingrid said...

Notice I said 'yet', which means things could be headed that way in the future, lol.
Glad you got a giggle and I hope things are getting better for you.

marianne said...

I think his wonky eye gives him character....great fabric by the way!