Monday, July 10, 2006

The joys of child free shopping

Well after much planning and a very strict list I took myself off to my local fabric store child free! Normally I have to maneuver mister monster in the pram through all the skinny aisles and play obstacle courses over all the fabric bolts left leaning all over the place. As well as trying to keep an eye on Lottie who knows exactly where all the ribbons are and is wonderfully quick at unwinding all the reels on the bottom shelf in an incredibly short space of time. I must say to her credit that she always very neatly takes out all the pins first and pops them up on a higher shelf, because she knows she isn't meant to touch them.

So it felt rather blissful to be walking through there on my own. And surprisingly I stuck to my list! Now this is a first. Normally I don't even get the items on the list at all, but instead purchase all the other lovely things that catch my eye. Which got to me to thinking about how I spend money on fabric. I spend hours lusting over fabric on international sites, and add them all to my ever increasing wish list. To place an order seems rather extravagant, and always makes me feel like I am spoiling myself. And yet I spend a similar amount on things from my very boring local store that I don't even love. Or I pay 2 to 3 times as much to get the fabrics I love on Aus Ebay. Why do I do this? Why does an international order paid for on credit card seem so much 'naughtier' than spending the same amount here paid for in cash?
I don't know the answer, but I am going to make a point of indulging myself more often. Why waste money on things I like, when I can have the things I LOVE. And I can get them by shopping peacefully at home with no screaming. Well maybe just a little bit of excited screaming when the packages arrive.

As for yesterdays purchases, my favourite is the floral. It is actually a purple stretch denim with velvet flowers on it. It is destined to be a pair of pants for a friends daughter, but there should be enough for Lottie to have a pair as well. I am also really liking the cherry print gingham, it is so summery and fresh. The one on the right in that pic is a nice blue stretch denim, no where near as dark as it has come out in the pic. The grey print is a printed fleecy for another pair of pants for mister monster. He has had yet another growth spurt and could do with some more pants that keep his ankles warm.


Kay said...

Hello Ingrid,

OMG, I think I could have written your last post, I so agree that most of the fabric in Lincraft and Spotlight are boring and $$$. And I never used to be able to bring myself to place orders for the States BUTTTTTT you know what you really should just DO IT. I have found that sometimes when the fabric arrives and I get the guilts I just list some of it on eBay and on many occassions I have more than covered the cost of postage. LIke the AB fabric I bought a while back. After selling a few pieces I am left with the ones I love and they worked out to be only about $7 a yard!!!!

ingrid said...

Hi Kay,
That's the theory I am counting on atm. I am convinced that I could even make a nice little profit by ordering extra and then selling it on ebay. I just cannot believe the prices some things get.