Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Little Miss Tulip Head

One mumma with a headcold, one little boy who is teething and one little Miss who wants everybody to play with her Little People ALL DAY does not lend itself to getting much done.

But I did sneak off to the sewing machine while they were napping and whipped up a headband for Miss C. I am rather pleased with how it came out considering I guessed all the measurements, but hopefully the next one will fit a little better.

At the moment Miss C has an extreme fear of putting things over her head, all due to an incident a few weeks ago involving a mummy in a hurry, a wriggly toddler and a jumper with a small neck hole. So I was a bit concerned about how the whole headband thing would be received. But fortunately I used some scraps of a tulip print fabric and she was rather pleased to be a 'flower head girl'.
So this is my little miss tulip head in stage one of headband therapy.

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