Thursday, July 20, 2006

A quiet pastime

I have been very busy sewing the last few days but I am not posting pics as everything is top secret for the Essential Baby sewing swap. I am really enjoying making things for other children too. At the moment Lottie has an absolute closet full of dresses, and although I do believe that a little girl can never have too many dresses (or a big girl for that matter), it has been really nice to think up ideas for other little ones.

My other on-going project is teaching myself to crochet. It all began a few months ago when I found some great vintage crochet patterns and thought it would be good to have a quiet hobby. I am constantly being reminded how noisy my sewing is by the boys in the house. But until I get my own space and can move the sewing machine out of the dining room they will just have to put up with it. So anyway, I thought that crochet would be a nice quiet pastime for the wintry evenings. I have an old textbook that gave the basics and also looked up a few sites on the web, but so far I am yet to complete even a simple granny square. I must be holding it all wrong as my hands start aching after an hour or so, and I have trouble keeping count of all the stitches. So after many weeks all I have made is a teeny tiny little square piece that Lottie is now using as a blanket for her Little People.

I even bought this beautiful book, Candytots, when I first started and thought I would be able to whip up one of these little items before the end of this winter. I was hoping it would be the vest for mister monster. But now reality has hit and I am thinking I will have to get my lovely step mother to give me a few lessons, and then maybe if I work on it really hard I will have finished the little vest for next winter.

I just love everything in this book. But here are some of my favourites. Sorry about the bad pics, but you can still see how gorgeous everything is.


Kay said...


Wow the shawl is just gorgeous, I love the flower detail. But I can't crochet! I'm not too sure about the dress in the second pic I think it might be the little girl that makes the dress look devine. She is so cute she'd look great in a potato sack.

Can't wait to see the little vest that you make.

Marie said...

I was teaching myself to crochet at Christmas time and I too had trouble with counting stitches. I just got used to counting in my head while saying how to do each stitch...and my hands ache too.

ingrid said...

You are right Kay, that little girl is an absolute doll. But I do love the dress, I think maybe it is the colours that make me love it so much.

Marie, I'm glad it's not just me that has the counting problem. I thought I was going slightly mad as I had to start counting it out loud or I would loose track. Kinda defeats the purpose of a quiet craft though.

marianne said...

Keep up with the crochet - it really is worth it! I learned to crochet when I was 6 so i've had a few years practice...if you ever want to get together for a crochet hour or two juts let me're not far away I think?

ingrid said...

Thanks Marianne, I would love to get together for a crochet, but I might need a few more months to really get going. My step mother is coming around to give me some help soon.
And I have to tell you that looking at some of your beautiful crochet items is what is encouraging me to keep going :-)