Monday, August 14, 2006

A birthday skirt

It's party season around here. We have been to quite a few in the last few weeks and on the weekend we were invited to a combined party for Lotties little friend Shea and her little brother Jonah. So I decided it was gift making time and planned to whip up a little tier skirt in no time.
But why oh why am I such a perfectionist? I couldn't stand all the messy seams in the inside and as I don't have an overlocker/serger I decided to do french seams. Sounds easy enough. But then I thought I would add a few extra ruffles and do one tier in denim. The combined thickness of all that fabric as it went through my poor sewing machine was not a happy experience. I was so glad when the blasted thing was done, I couldn't wait to give it away! Here are some pics of the front and back. I do like the effect of the extra ruffles, so I will attempt another one for Lottie. Next time though, I will use lightweight fabrics and just zigzag the seams. Otherwise there is a real chance I may throw my sewing machine out of a high window.

For the birthday boy I appliqued a piece of the gorgeous sock monkey fabric that the very sweet Kay sent me, onto a navy bonds stretchy tee. And then we also gave them a copy of our favourite kiddy cd, Justine Clark's 'I like to sing'. For anyone with wee wuns who is sick to death of listening to bad kiddy music, this cd is a godsend. It is on high rotation both in our car and loungeroom.


jill said...

My youngest dd loves the tier skirts so I've been making quite a few. Like you, the messy seams drive me up the solution has been to use either ribbon or seam lace to seal them. The right side looks topstitched and the inside is "fancy". I kick myself endlessly for selling the serger.

ingrid said...

Thanks for the tip Jill. I may have to try it out on my next skirt. My dd loves them this type of skirt too, so I can see I will be making quite a few in the future.