Thursday, August 31, 2006

Five minute cards

I just love making my own cards at the moment. I cheat and buy blank card stock already folded and then just rip and snip up books to my hearts content. My favourites are old fairytale books, but any old books will do. Some of the paper I used on these cards came from appleseed, including the delicious vintage wallpaper on the card top left.

I love that it takes me less time to make a card than it does to choose one from the store and then line up and pay for it. I am no scrapbooker either, just a book ripper. And for a lazy crafter like me, I love that I get instant results from very little effort.

Lottie even helped and made her own card. It is the one with the green wool threaded through the side. Pretty good work for a three year old.


Helen said...

They look great Ingrid! Glad that someone else makes their cards. I hand DD#1 a sheet of stickers and an A5 peice of card, let her stick away to her hearts content and there you go! 5 minutes later we have a birthday card! LOL

Cass said...

Ingrid, they are great. After the one you sent with the pattern anda few others I saw I your blog I have been meaning to do that as well. Especially after seeing that Appleseed site. I might get busy as I have a few birthdays and then Christmas coming up.