Monday, August 07, 2006

Sewing swap Part 1

Yay, finally some pictures of the things I have been working on for the sewing swap. The lovely Kay told me her package has arrived. And Phew a big sigh of relief as not only is she happy with the things but they fit her gorgeous Miss K as well.

So here are some pics of Lottie trying it all on before I sent it off. But why oh why is she such a fussy model. Normally I am struggling to get her to try on the things I make. She is very happy to put them on to wear out, but when she sees me with that camera she runs a mile. Well this time, she was thrilled to try it on and run around, but then I told her that they weren't for her, and that we were sending them off to another little girl and she was heartbroken. So I still didn't end up with any good pics. And yes that is my excuse it has nothing to do with the fact that I take crap photos. See I even had to chop off her head in one just so you could see the T shirt better!

I made the reversible top from an old vintage pattern. One side is the pink print and the other is denim with a big front pocket in the pink.

The pants are made from my easy pants pattern, but I added a contrast cuff and a ruffle that swirls up one leg. I made these on the long side so they can be worn now and in summer with the cuffs turned up and then hopefully they will still fit Miss K for next winter with the cuffs down. I did stuff them up a bit as I wanted the stiching to be concealed when the cuff was turned up, but it didn't work, so I gave up and unpicked it and did the simple way with stitching showing. And then after it was ready to post I thought of a better way of doing it, so I may just have to make another pair.

And lastly the T is just a soft pink one from Cotton On Kids which I appliqued a crown onto and added buttons for jewels. This was Miss C's favourite, so I might whip her up one soon.

And I was very excited to receive my first swap item today too. But my camera batteries have died so I will wait until I can post pics and show off all the lovely things that the postman delivered.
Thank you Kay, we love everything!!


brazen's crafts said...

poor miss c :(

Helen said...

Love that pink and white fabric! Beautiful!!

paula said...

Fantastic work :) I love the pants.

Molly said...


They've turned out so well Ingrid, no wonder Kay is so delighted!