Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sewing swap part 3

I was so excited when I found out I was sewing for Brenda's little girl Ruby in the EB sewing swap. I have so many cute vintage patterns which are too small for Lottie and not quite right for mister monster. Frills aren't really his thing, though he does like wearing a tiara while playing trains. I had originally picked out a vintage floral but then I found this cherry berry print and thought it was just gorgeous, and would work well with a cherry applique on a t-shirt. I used vintage simplicity pattern #7197, which is from the late 1970's. I am really happy with how it all turned out considering I had to do quite a bit of handsewing on the inside of the bodice. I then made two pairs of pants, so there are quite a few mix and match possibilities.

Here is my reluctant model doing daddy proud by having a tantrum because mummy made him put on frilly girls clothes. Brenda mentioned that the outfit just screams 'sweet little girl', so I guess it's appropriate that he screamed, 'but I'm a little boy' when I made him play dress-ups.

I made a few booboos on the tshirt. When doing the stalk I think I set the stitch too close so it kind of buckled the fabric. I was scared to unpick it, as it looked like it would leave a noticeable mark, but at least I have learned for next time.

Looking at these pics makes me see what a real little bruiser my wee man is. He just looks so strange. Mind you he often wears pink pyjamas or t-shirts, but I think the ruffles is taking it a bit far.


brazen's crafts said...

oh how gorgeous! your items just leave mine for dead :(

Clair said...

i love them. especally the little top with the ruffles. I just won 10 vintage patterns off ebay, and i am pretty sure on of them is very simmilar to that top. I love the birthday invites you made too. Very cute :)

candi said...

Ingrid, that's gorgeous - mister mosnter and the clothes!

Kay said...


the clothes are just gorgeous but I have to say I agree with Mister Monster. You are being a bit cruel, putting Mister Monster in pink for the world to see.

I think you need to save copies of the photos for his 21st.