Wednesday, August 09, 2006

When dreams come true.....

Okay, I know things are getting serious when I stop dreaming about food and start dreaming about fabric. I cannot remember the details but there have been one or two distinct occasions where I have woken up thinking about a particular print and all the different possibilities it holds. One of these prints is the paloma birds that I came across on eBay months ago. I just couldn't get the image of it out of my head and even had fleeting moments where I would consider how much happier my life would be if I could just own one teeny tiny little piece. I did bid a few times, but it was consistently going for around $20 or more for a measly fat quarter. But then I discovered where I found I could get my hot little hands on some for under $8US a yard. Woohooo!!!
And this morning all my dreams came true when the postman delivered a stuffed envelope to my door.

I am now the proud owner of two yards of white and one in black. As well as a yard of the melrose wallpaper print and one of this gorgeous cowboy print too. I wasn't sure about the cowboy print when I ordered, but I felt guilty not choosing anything for mister monster. But when I saw it in the flesh it is just amazing, much nicer than any pic (especially mine) could do it justice. In fact all of them are nicer than in the pics as I should have ironed them first, but I am far too lazy, and also the day is rather grey and gloomy which doesn't help at all. It also doesn't help that blogger is not being my friend and these two pics keep coming up sideways. ARGhhh, it will have to do as I am running short on patience and am yet to get through the afternoon with the kids.

My only regret now is I think I prefer the bird print in the black and I wish I had ordered two yards and ditched the melrose. Anyhoo, I am not complaining. Now to see if it actually does make my life happier. It certainly made today cheery. But the joy will need to last the rest of August as I have joined Brazen in a pledge not to purchase any fabric for the whole month. Lucky I had placed this order at the end of July, so I still qualified.


SadieandLance said...

What beautiful fabric, I really love the first 2 in the white and black.

thebutterflycollector said...

those birds are just gorgeous! And thanks for coming to visit me!