Friday, September 22, 2006

Boy things

Normally I find that nearly all my sewing is girly things but I am having a lot of fun making boy things at the moment. I made mister monster a pair of shorts using a pants pattern, which I just shortened and added a pocket. I then did a folded up and stitched down hem, so they look a bit more boyish. They are quite long, but that is how I like them. I am not a fan of short shorts for boys unless they are about to play a game of football.

I am just loving how these came out and am going to make another pair using this cowboy print. which I purchased from fashionablefabrics awhile ago. I was going to attempt a shirt with a collar, but I think the shorts are a safer option as I am less likely to stuff them up. I only have one yard of it, so I don't want to waste it.

Here is also a little boy package I sent off to baby Jackson. Shown sideways of course, because that's how blogger likes it.

There is just something so sweet and delicious about little boys. It must have something to do with those wonderful hugs they give.


Leah said...

I adore those shorts! I am going to try & do some for Cammie if he ever goes to bed!
Keep your eye on your postbox won't you? ;)
I agree, boys are edible - they're just such little men!

Helen said...

Ingrid, those shorts look fantastic! Very summery. Love DD's expression in the background too! LOL

brazen's crafts said...

they look fabulous on!

Cass said...

Ingrid, the shorts are grat and they look great on him. DD doesn't look too happy LOL!.

Andrea said...

I love the cuff, great idea. He is a little spunk!

ingrid said...

Cuff!!!! That was the word I was searching for all morning, thanks Andrea. I am going batty and have a terrible memory at the moment.
As for Lotties expression, would you believe it was all because I didn't have anything new for her to try on! This from the child who normally screams and carries on whenever I ask her to try on anything!

paula said...

great shorts, I love the bright fabric

Becca Boomsticks said...

Ingrid - these shorts are cool! And very summer-y! Will is so grown up now!

Bec xx