Friday, September 22, 2006

Tagged again!

I've been tagged again, this time by Helen.

So here goes

1. What is your current pet peeve?
My eldest son does the washing up each night and he is so lazy. I think he just dips things in the bubbles and then puts them in the drainer. So at the moment I am hating trying to find a clean dish or glass in the house

2. Would you rather be annoyed or bored?

3. When did you last drink champagne?
On our wedding anniversay which was September 2nd.

4. Who sleeps in your bed?
Me and dh, no kids allowed. They are bed hogs.

5. What TV hunk can come knock at your door?
Toby Rand from Rockstar Supernova, or maybe Vincent D'Onofrio

6. Do you wear perfume?
Most days I wear Clinique's Happy and thenI have an assortment for special occasions depending on my mood.

7.If you wrote a book what type would it be?
I was actually supposed to write a novella for my Honors degree, but I could never finish it. So I guess If I wrote a book it would probably be an unfinished one.

8. When did you last go to the dentist?
About a year ago, when I cracked my tooth on some roast pork crackling.

9.Ooops, you've just had boy/girl twins- what are they called?
Eloise and Edward, Ned and Lulu for short

10.How do you get your news- TV/Internet/paper?
A mixture of all three. TV for daily snippets, internet if I want to follow up something I saw a snippet of and paper for w/end relaxing and a bit more comprehensive coverage.

11.Do you believe the story that Naomi Robson was going to save a boy from cannibals?
No, I think she wants to eat him herself.

12. If you could go back in history where do you want to visit?
Hmmm, not sure.

13.I am having a fancy dress party. What are you dressed as?
Alice in Wonderland

And I will tag Olivia and Leah.

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brazen's crafts said...

teehee on the unfinished book!