Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A bad sewing day

It all started out so well. Some cheap thrifted terry perfect for some little beach shorts, a gloomy day just perfect for sewing, mister monster having a nice long sleep. So how the heck did it all turn pear shaped so quickly?

The shorts went well so I decided to make a matching top.
Lottie decides she wants to play outside as the sun has come out, but I insist watching Mary Poppins yet again would be much more fun.
There is not quite enough fabric to cut the top the way I want.
No worries I will do tiny hems.
Tiny hems prove a nightmare on terry fabric.
Lottie decides to sing along to Mary Poppins at the top of her voice.
Crazily decide to try shirring for the first time.
Break a bobbin by pulling the elastic too tight as I machine wind it on.
Do three rows of shirring.
Top comes out too short.
Realise I need more rows of shirring but that will only make it even shorter.
Lottie's loud singing (read yelling) wakes up mister monster.
A spoonful of sugar will not help at all.
Decide to add an extra piece at the bottom to lengthen the top.
Both kids nagging to go outside and play.

Finish adding extra piece on the bottom plus a tie and button.

Realise I forgot the extra rows of shirring but am too lazy to unpick the button and tie.
Kids decide to use the lounges as rooftops and jump across them while singing Chimchiminee chimchiminee chim chim chiree.
Realise at this point it is a disater and will never come out how I hoped, but stupidly refuse to give up.
Finish hems and put it on dd to realise it is a very pretty 'sack'.
Let children play outside so I can snap some quick pics.
Clouds come back, wind picks up and it's getting very cold.
Make kids come back inside.
Hide the Mary Poppins dvd and let them watch playschool instead.
Lottie can't get my creation off quick enough and tells me she would rather just wear underpants.
Make a strong coffee and hide out on the computer.

But on a more postive note, I made these shorts for mister monster last week. They came out great and he loves them. Well I do anyway.


Andrea said...

Oh Ingrid! Your post made me giggle, but feel for you at the same time!
I will be posting something very similar inmy blog at some stage!
The top may not be how you invisiged it but it does look fantastic! The clour on the bottome looks great and I love the button at the top!
I know how disappointing it can be for your vision not to come through, but as I said, looks great!!
And the shorts are also fantastic, great detail in the leg seams.

Liv said...

Oh i hate when things dont turn out like you have in your head. I like to say 'at least i tried'. You dont know until you have tried!

I hear you on the grrrr - shirring!

Love the button and tie feature on the top though.

Cass said...

Ingrid, had a good laugh at your post, no offence just made me chuckle. The top looks good, know what you mean about terry towelling. I made Charlotte a top yesterday and the first one was hopeless and didn't even fit her. She hasn't tried the second one yet. Thin hems are not the thing for towelling definitely. Shorts look great.

novy said...

I think the set looks great. Though it did not come out the way you wanted it to, it still looks fantastic.

Molly said...

Oh Dear Ingrid!

I too have to admit to having a bit of a giggle reading this. I wasn't giggling at your "disaster" but the way you'd written it.

I don't think it looks bad at all, it's nice and summery, and perfect for putting over the top of swimmers, or just those underpants!!

brazen's crafts said...

what about taking off the patterned bit at the bottom and adding on a fringe, which you can buy at lincraft, SL etc?!

Helen said...

LOL Ingrid, I was nodding away at your post! After all that effort DD prefers to wear her underpants! LOL Know how you feel hon. :)