Thursday, January 18, 2007

Holiday Pics

Who would have thought I could survive over two weeks without internet, or even my sewing machine. Well I did it! And now my dear husband has grand ideas that I may even be able to tolerate camping. Hah, I wouldn't quite say I am up to that, although I did enjoy having a holiday from all the usual things that seem to take up so much space in my life.

Melbourne was wonderful, hot, windy, busy and exhausting. We are thinking of making the big move from Sydney so we spent a lot of time driving around checking out suburbs and of course their playgrounds, I almost could have labeled the holiday a grand tour of children's playgrounds in Melbourne.

The highlights were the puffing billy ride, stumbling across a fairy show in the Fitzroy gardens, splashing in the bay at South Melbourne, and drinks and dinners at the James Squire bar at New Quay followed by delicious watermelon gelato.

After Melbourne we spent a week recovering at Batemans Bay where the days were much slower and we just lolled about in the sunshine and enjoyed the beach.

Here are the troops with Puffing Billy.

This is the apartment block we stayed in, all the way up on the 36th floor.

And this is the incredible view from the balcony. What an amazing sky!

And at the beach, busy building castles, while I settled down with a good book.

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Anonymous said...

aaaahhhh Ingrid, you're home at last!! I know I've never left a comment before (just wouldn't work for me), but I have always lurked, love your stuff!!
(baby2005, EB, that Brenda):)

Corrie said...

aren't holidays lovely!!!! I love melbourne as hubby is from there and seems like you got the good weather as it was freezing at xmas!
look forward to seeing more of your sewing and I see you live in the area! hope to get that bolero done soon!


Anonymous said...

I can highly recommend the move down the Hume from Sydney to Melbourne...did it myself almost 2 yrs ago. Let me know if you need a moving coach!

Oh and welcome back...

Anonymous said...

Ingrid it sounds like you had a wonderful time! Don't think I could cope for 2 weeks without the net! LOL Missed you!!!

Anonymous said...

Ingrid, looks and sounds like you had a great time. Puffing Billy is great. Ha Helen I know I couldn't cope LOL.