Friday, March 23, 2007

Blankets, Books and Tablecloths

After almost a week at home I was about to go stir crazy. One or two days sitting around in pyjamas is fun, but more than that and the walls start creeping in. First Lottie was sick and just when I thought mister monster had escaped the bug it struck him down even harder than the rest of us. So after days spent inside watching Bob and Peter Pan it was heaven to drop Lottie at Kinder yesterday and go on a little outing with my favourite little man. After a coffee for me and a bun for him at the bakery shop we went to our local thrift shop and these were our delightful finds.

Two gorgeously snuggly blankets one for Lottie and one as a spare. You can never have too many nice blankets in your linen closet. Two very bright tablecloths. In fact these are so bright I almost left them behind. Orange seems to keep coming my way at the moment and I am not always keen on it. But the designs on these are just lovely and at $2 each it was hard to say no.

The top one even still has its labels. 100% Rayon made in West Germany. It is crisp and bright and the reds are so lovely they make me overlook the orange.

This is a better pic of Lotties new blanket. I am hoping it is wool but it is satin bound and I can't be bothered unpicking it to do a burn test. Whatever it is made of, I love it! It is covered in birds and flowers, is so lovely and soft, and it combines pink and red which is one of my favourite colour combinations. I love it so much I even used it to pretty up my blog.

And we never go thrifting without bringing home some books. It helps that all children's books are only 20c. I restrained myself and only chose two. The dress up one is a hoot with lovely illustrations and easy ideas. It will be a great rainy day book when we are stuck inside playing dress-ups and cubbies.

And this Debbie series is by one of my favourite illustrators, Marcel Marlier, so it had to come home too. I have almost the whole Debbie series now, so it gives me such a little happy rush to bring home another one in almost perfect condition. I was struck by this picture especially. It seems to capture the pose so beautifully. And something about way she is sitting reminds me of Lottie.


Cass said...

Ingrid, once again great thrift items. My nearby ones never have anything as good

Andrea said...

Great thrifting Ingrid! I haven't looked for ages. Are you planning to cut up the table cloth or use it?

Modern Parents Vintage Ways said...

Wow Ingrid. Would you believe I have some of the Marcel Marlier books.

Mum recently gave me a few that we had growing up. My all time favourite is 'Debbie's Birthday Party'. My sister and I read it over and over as children. In fact I think we had two copies. The illustrations are beautiful. I have Debbie's dream' too.

Do you have any of the 'Mark and Michelle' ones?

Bowznstuff said...

oo Ingrid, lovely to meet you - so cool to discover a mad seamstress on my side of the world for a change! Have lost half the morning trawling through your blog - great work, lovin your vintage style :)

ingrid said...

Andrea, I definitely won't be cutting up the new tablecloth. I will either use it ir just admire it for a while and then sell it on ebay. The other tablecloth I am thinking will either becone a little pair of winter pants as it is quite thick or maybe a bolero style jacket for Lottie.

Belinda, Glad to find another Marlier fan. I did have a few 'Mark and Micelle' books but I don't know what happened to them when I moved out of home. We even had a 'Martine' one at one stage, which my mother gbought me when I was studying French at school. I would love to find some of them now.

Clair said...

wow i love that blanket, and i use to have those Debbie books when i was little LOL.. don't know what happened to them though. I think my mum gave them to my cousin when she was little.....