Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Going Loopy

How cute are these! I have been making lots of these of late and have even listed some in my new shop over at wahmania. I think they are incentive enough for me to go back to pigtails even if I am in my 30s. And of course they can be made from even the tiniest scrap of fabric so I guess now I will be throwing absolutely nothing away.
And YAY another swap is coming up. This one is a kitchen themed swap so it includes all my favourite things, sewing, baking and eating of course!
Here are my answers to the swap questions
1. What colours are your kitchen? Hideous colours, so nothing to match please
2. What is your favourite appliance? My favourite gadget is my cookie press but as for appliance I'm not sure. I dream of owning a kitchenAid but at the moment I make do with my hand held beaters.
3. What do you love cooking most? Sweet treats are my favourite although I do love making warm comfort food meals in winter
4. What item would you love the most from your swap partner? A girl can never have too many aprons.


Cass said...

Ingrid, love those hair ties. What is under the material?

Violet & Rose said...

That swap sounds great. Altough I have vowed to decrease my volume of swaps this year. And I am so pleased to have found the only other woman in Australia who doesn't have a sewing or "crafting" room!

Andrea said...

They are so cute Ingrid! Is there a tutorial?