Monday, March 05, 2007

Some favourite things

Here are a few little things I have been meaning to put in here, but seem to keep forgetting. First up is this fabulous yellow and brown vintage floral fabric which I found a few weeks ago and am just in love with. I have already made one little autumn set with it, which is hidden away here in the wrapping paper for our friend Lily, and I plan to make a few more for the lottielulu shop. It is hard to think of cooler weather things while we are sweltering away in the terrible heat and humidity, but this fabric inspired me to plan for the months ahead. It reminds me of crunchy leaves and crisp cool mornings.

This little bird makes me so happy. Lottie drew it on her magnadoodle so he wasn't a keeper. Instead I snapped a quick pic as he was just to good to swish away and be forgotten. I think he actually started out as a squiggle, as he is quite different from her usual bird style, but once she recognised the bird shape she added the eye and a beak. I think it's magnificent for a three year old but then again I may just a touch biased.

And I cannot believe I forgot to post about the wonderful Justine Clarke concert we went to at the Opera House. I am a huge fan as is Lottie and she didn't disappoint with this show. It was fabulous! We left Mr Big and mister monster at home and went instead with one some girlfriends. After the show we lined up for a meet and greet and Lottie got her autograph and a lovely big hug. Of course after all the excitement we recovered with babycinos overlooking the harbour. It really was a great day and I almost got to fulfil the fantasy I mentioned here, except I wasn't allowed to cheer at the front of the stage as the ushers made us stay in our seats.


Natalie said...

The vintage fabric is just gorgeous. I have a similar print here that I found at my local craft fair last year that I'm not sure what to do with yet! I love the magna bird, she's quite the artist isn't she?!

Clair said...

oh charlee LOVES Justine Clark. She listens to her "i like to sing" cd everynight before she goes to sleep. Coucert sounded fab. I love that fabric too. I have also been trying to make time to sew up some more wintery type stuff. I have cut out a few sets of winter pj's for the kids, just a matter of sewing them together.

Helen said...

Oh! Oh! Oh!! OMG! Justine Clark and Lottie!!! How exciting! Grace saw the phot Ingrid and said "Hey that little girl is with Justine!"