Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tales From the Doll House

Mother was always trying to encourage the family to have snacks from the fruit bowl,
But instead she was always catching Father eating cake out in the garden,

and Boy was known to keep a secret cupcake stash hidden under his bed.

Even on nights when she had been slaving away chopping up delicious vegetables for dinner

she often discovered Boy and Father had snuck off and bought a pizza from the local take-away instead.

One day she left a lemon meringue pie on the window sill and by the time it was cool it was almost half gone! It must have been Boy!

Poor mother decided the only thing that would cheer her up would be to eat the rest of the pie herself. Well maybe she would let Father have just one piece.

Boy was sent to his room but Mother was unaware that under the train hiding in the toybox was another secret cupcake stash.

This story was brought to you by the friends in Lotties Doll House and the wonderfully amazing polymer clay creations made by Amanda. You can see more of her tiny treats here and here.


Natalie said...

This is such a gorgeous post Ingrid, the story and all the things in it! Thanks for brightening my day.

Andrea said...

What a cheeky little story. All of the pieces are just adorable. I bet Miss C has a lovely time playing with it all.

tigerfilly said...

I am very very envious. I used to have a student whose Dad sold dolls house stuff and he used to pay me in furniture LOL Unfortunately it seems to have all been eaten in the last 6 years :(

purps said...

Love it!!
I have been planning on buying someof these beautiful creations too. Looks like you had fun ;)

purps said...
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Helen said...

Ingrid these are just so sweet! I'm still a bit spun out she only lives a few suburbs away from me! :)

Amanda said...

Hi! Thanks for showing off the things I made, I've added you to my blogroll! They fit perfectly in your dolls house, I'm so glad!