Monday, May 14, 2007

Yoyo pincushion

Here is my little pincushion I sent off as part of the pincushion swap. I wasn't very adventurous though, I just opted for my favourite pink wool felt in a very basic shape and added some tiny yoyos made with my favourite vintage rose polished cotton. I had grand plans of trying something completely new and challenging but of course I left it all until the last minute and this was the best I could come up with.

Included in my little parcel to Brazen was a vintage pattern which will hopefully be the right size for one of her girls, some lovely blue/green burnout fabric, a bundle of green ricrac and some cherry loopyloos. Happy Mother's Day Brazen, I hope you like your package.


Karen TW said...

thank you ingrid, i adored it! especially the fabric - that's gorgeous! but i felt so lucky to be your recipient again :)

Andrea said...

That is just adorable Ingrid! I love the colours and remember that fabric from Lottie's birthday dress!

Natalie said...

Gorgeous Ingrid, I love the colour and the yoyos are just lovely - I really must have a go making some one day!