Saturday, June 23, 2007

Boxes of treasures

I have had a hard time this last week. Mr Big's nana is the sweetest lady who has had a hard time with her health lately. She has struggled on in so much pain and we are hoping that things will soon improve, but unfortunately she has had to make the move into a nursing home, as staying in her own home is just not an option any longer. She hasn't in fact been home for a long time as she has been in hospital.

Anyway the time came to go through all her things with Mr Big's sister and mother and I found it heartbreaking. Not only was there the sadness of going through all those boxed up memories without nana there, but I felt in some ways like we were intruding as she is still with us and it just felt so sad.

The one good thing is that lots of her lovely treasures have found a loving home. There were so many things it was hard to decide what I simply could not give a home too, but there are now boxes piled up all over the house waiting to be set in cupboards and used with love once again. Of course I will be taking lots of pictures and sharing some of nana's lovely treasures here, but first I need a little time to appreciate them on my own.


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Oooh.. sounds like a bittersweet time you had... so heart-achingly sad.. and lovely at the same time. Hoping you have plenty of tissues to help you unpack. xx

purps said...

It is so hard isn't it. DH's grandmother moved into a nursing home a few months ago and it was an awful thing going through her things, it was worse then if she had passed on :(
I hope she settles in well, Ingrid.

Corrie said...

oh I hope it will give you lovely memories when she's no longer here. thank you also for your kind message before I went to hospital, I tried to reply but it said your inbox might be full! do you still want your fabric too? i have some patterns from brazen for you too

Kylie said...

Oh I remember going through My DH's Nan's thinks after she had past - so many memories - I scored her old pin tin and still treasure it - But my MIL sold the Singer sewing machine at a sale for $50 =0 I know crazy hey - She thought that we were kidding when we said we wanted it!