Monday, June 04, 2007

This week...

... I will write myself a list of things to do and be happy if I can cross off at least three things. Generally my lists get so long and I get disheartened looking at them so I ignore them and potter away at whatever takes my fancy. Then come the end of the week I rarely am able to cross of more than one thing. So this week my lists will be shorter and hopefully three things is an obtainable goal.
First on my list is to tackle a project from this lovely Japanese book. I think it is called New York Style for children, or something like that. I cannot read Japanese so I am really just taking a stab at remembering, as I did see it translated into English somewhere.

I love this little shirt style dress and figure it will be a pretty versatile piece weather wise for Lotties wardrobe. I have the pattern traced and the fabric ready to cut, so hopefully this will be crossed off the list very soon.

And I have to share these delightful images from a smocking book sent to me by Tigerfilly. I am tempted to try this one for myself come next summer. I have never tried sm0cking before but the instructions in this book are fairly comprehensive and this is one of the easier patterns, so I might just give it a go.

And look at these adorable little girl fashions! The book was published in 1975 so I guess this is exactly the type of thing I was wearing when I was a little girl. Maybe that is why I find them so enchanting.


Kylie said...

Hope you get some of the things crossed off of your list Ingrid!

Wow - smocking on smocks - what more could a smockaholic ask for!

Corrie said...

hi ingrid

were after the lets eat fabric? I couldn't work out who it was as link wasn't working!!! if so I'll pm you the cost and get your address again

love the smock! i'd definitely give it a in you give it a try! love the shirt dress too!!! cute