Friday, July 27, 2007

Op shop swap and new grey hairs

Things have been a bit chaotic here this week. The big monster who is in his teens and so of course likes to think of himself as Mr Invicible has just had surgery to repair an aneurysm. It has been a scary time for all of us. The little ones have been shuttled around between home, nana's and kinder as well as spending time playing in the childrens ward toy room at the hospital. Mister monster thinks the toy room is fabulous and I am sure he would happily move in if it wasn't for me turning into the germ police and constantly giving him the once over with a wet wipe every time he scoots past me. But hey, hospitals are full of germs and the last thing I need right now is another sick child.
I have quite a few more grey hairs and am exhausted. But all is going well and now I have four weeks with a stir crazy teen to entertain to look forward to.

So just when it feels like the world is on top of you something lovely is bound to turn up on your doorstep. Try and believe this and I am sure it will come true. It works for me.
This package arrived from Suz yesterday as part of the Op Shop swap I am a part of. I haven't even sent mine yet, ooops. I promise it will be on it's way come Monday.
Suz found such lovely things for me including a bundle of fabrics, vintage children's books and patterns. My favourite is the one for a rag doll called Rebecca. Here are pics of some the treats. Thank you Suz, everything is wonderful!

The last photo is of a lovely piece of flanalette. The image is by the same illustrator who I know illustrated some of my most loved books as a child. I think one was called 'What colour is love?' I have been racking my brain for her name but am drawing a blank, although Margaret something rings a bell. Can anyone help me with the details? I know there was a whole series of them and I even still own some of them, but they are packed away in the roof somewhere. Please put me out of my misery before I make Mr Big climb up and sort through the dusty boxes with a torch when he gets home tonight.

The other lovely thing that turned up on my doorstep was Cass. She was delivering the goodies I prchased from Corries lovely new shop. But more of that later when I have some pictures to show.


Cass said...

Ingrid some lovely things there, how lucky.

Corrie said...

oh my gosh (I'm trying not to say god lately) that is some beautiful stuff I have never seen up here...I think we need to leave the northern beaches op shops and move up north! fabulous and I love dolly too....well done suz I say

can't wait to see photos of my stuff too...did you just love shirley temple????


Suz said...

I'm glad you liked your goodies! The image is from Joan Walsh Anglund, I think. If you've got a spare grand, you can buy an original drawing:

ingrid said...

YAY, thank you suz. That's her! I still want to get mr big to drag out my old books. They will have to make do, as I think an original is out of the question. I just noticed too that one pic is missing. The one of the fabulous blue fabric. I think it vanished into blogland. I will upload it again tomorrow as it is too cute to not share.

ingrid said...

Oh I even found the book here
Now Mr Big really must go up in the roof. I just have to read it again.

megsie said...

i just bought a book her illustrations from the oppie for 20c. so cute.

Brenda said...

oh gosh Ingrid, scarey times for you and your family. hope everything is A OK now.
gorgeous goodies too :)

Lily said...

Love that wide open floral fabric - any ideas what you'll do with it?

I don't know what's scarier - surgery or a stir crazy teenager! Glad he's making a good recovery Ingrid.

Helen said...

Oh Ingrid, those finds are soooo you! Great shopping Suz!

SadieandLance said...

Ingrid, how on earth did I miss that you had a teen in the house?! Sorry to hear things have been a bit rough, sounds like it's on the up - good luck with the homebound teen though!!

Thanks for the comment on my softie - I hadn't thought of his cheeks being for storage! Love it!