Sunday, August 12, 2007

Birthday Fun!

Party plans are in full swing for Lottie's 4th birthday. The invites are ready to go and my to-do list is growing each day. I am thinking of doing a pink theme, so it will be fairy bread, pink cupcakes, watermelon chunks and raspberry jam sandwiches all round. I would also love to do some baby size strawberry tarts as they are Lottie's favourite. Does anyone have a good recipe they would like to share? I am thinking the cases and custard filling will be easy but I am not sure about the jelly type glaze that goes over the top.

Oh and aren't these just so pretty and scrummy looking! They were made by my friend Bettina for her daughter's birthday party yesterday. The pic looked so lovely I just had to share.


Lily said...

How lovely and girly the party will be Ingrid! If you have an Essential Ingredient near you, they stock the most amazingly gorgeous patty papers!

purps said...

Ingid, those invites are gorgeous! What date is her birthday?? I need to get cracking for our first birthday this month too!!

Claire Falkingham said...

Love the invites! It think the glaze is just a syrup made from caster sugar and some water boiled then cooled.

Corrie said...

ohhhhh I love cupcakes! I went to spartys and got cinderella patty cake pans, did tiny teddies in fruit jelly loops so it looked like they were floating on top of the cupcake and of course the dolly vardon cake! if you need a pan I have that too

your invites are soooooooooo cute! well done and hope we see lots of photos of the big day! what fun!

I have oodles of cookbooks and will go and check for you! I also love jelly cakes where you dip the sponge square in pink jelly and then coconut so it looks like a pink lamington! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

the humming cat said...

Happy Birthday Lottie, I hope that you have a wonderful party with lots of scrummy pink things!

Morag said...

Love the invitations Ingrid, and happy birthday to Lottie! Looking forward to seeing those pink cupcakes! Have a look here for some inspiration -

Toria said...

The glaze for the fruit tarts is really easy:

2 tablespoons of apricot jam, sieved.
1 tablespoon water.

Heat jam & water in a small saucepan over moderate heat until smooth. Brush over tarts and allow to set before serving.