Tuesday, August 28, 2007

'Goodbye three, hello four'

They were Lottie's first words this morning when she woke up and I asked her if she remembered what day it was. And so it is, we say goodbye to three, a year of fun and madness and say hello to four. I can only hope four will be filled with just as much laughter and a few less tantrums than three was. So excuse this indulgent post as I remember my little girl from when I first gazed at her little pixie doll face until this morning when my 'big' girl woke me up to so joyously welcome in the start of her fifth year.

'Just hatched'

'I can sit all by myself'

'Little Miss Serious'

'Two today'

'My outdoor girl'

'Three today'

'Birthday party girl'

'Goodbye three, Hello Four!'


Belinda said...

Oh Ingrid - what a perfect post! It is great for those of us who have only "known" Lottie for a short time to see how she has grown and changed! Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Corrie said...

Ingrid she is so beautiful! really beautiful with a wonderful little personality! I agree it feels like I know her and mister monster so well! hope she had a happy day!


Cathy said...

She is just gorgeous, Ingrid. Thanks for sharing the photos and hope she had a wonderful day turning 4 years old.

Cass said...

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a BIG girl. I love the photos too.

Lily said...

Ingrid she's gorgeous. Don't you just love watching the girl emerge from the baby? I do!

Karen said...

Oh Ingrid, what a gorgeous little collage of images - makes me feel teary and I'm not even her mum!!
Congratulations to you all, hope Lottie had a great day.

pyglet said...

Really beautiful photos of a really beautiful girl.
Happy, happy birhday!!

Kylie said...

Happy Birthday Lottie,

I hope that your fifth year is full of fun and memories.

Ingrid - love the pictures - and I know how you feel - Amelia is two next month - where has the year gone!

Leah said...

She is such a beautiful girl - just like her Mum. I feel privilledged to have been able to see her grow through the last little while.

Sahra said...

Happy Birthday Lottie, What a beautiful little girl.

Clair Bremner said...

Happy Birthday lotty loo!!!! Hope she had a wonderful day.

sue said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter. She looks so beautiful in all those wonderful photos.