Thursday, September 06, 2007

Smurfin' around

It's smurf time again. Last time I made smurf pants they were a big hit so I have been hunting high and low for more smurf fabric. I mean who could resist the lalala cuteness. I found a few vintage sheets but the real treasure was this blue smurf lightweight drill. It is much better fabric for pants and shorts than the lighter cotton and I love how these have come up. I only had enough for one full pair of shorts, but I have squeezed quite a few pockets and applique cut-outs into the leftovers.

As you can see mister monster is not very keen on modelling these days. I really struggle to get any standing still pics and the sitting down ones all involve a pout.

Anyhoo, these are over at wahmania now and will hopefully make some little some little guy a great new outfit for smurfin' around in.


Natalie said...

Oh Ingrid, they are just too cute! Jordan would've loved a pair when he was younger as he used to be a huge fan.

tigerfilly said...

They are very very cute. I never liked the TV show but they are definitely cute little critters. Mr Monster is adorable too!

Suz said...

Very cute. They take me back to my childhood!

Corrie said...

oh so cute! would you believe I got that orange floral fabric on keira's dress from SL for $3.99! might have to get some more as it so cute but very light cotton so only really for little dresses


sue said...

Oh I love the smurf pants. They are so cute. My sister and I used to have nearly the whole collection of the smurf figurines when we were younger, and watched the cartoons too.