Friday, September 28, 2007


Well it is definitely Springtime. Some days are so hot it feels like summer already. I have been cleaning my house, sending lots of things off to the charity shops, giving lots of things away and just generally freshening everything up.

All this cleaning and clearing out means I have two exciting things to share. Firstly as much as I believe a girl can never own too much fabric there is nothing wrong with sharing the love around a bit, so stay tuned as I will be sorting out a few give away packs of fabric in the next few days, and they will be free to whoever wants them and gets in first. I will even pay postage.

Secondly there are exciting things happening for Lottielulu. I am not saying too much yet but in the process of starting afresh for springtime I will no longer be keeping a shop at wahmania but will instead be stocking up the lottielulu shop and listing a few things on madeit. Thanks so much to all the lovely customers I have made on wahmania and I hope you will like stopping by the lottielulu shop to check out what's new.


Cass said...

Oh I'm going away wait until next week pleasssse

Claire Falkingham said...

oooooh - fabric!!

The Humming Cat said...

Can't wait to see what you create for Spring, I have added your Lottielulu shop to my favorites!

Belinda said...

Looking forward to seeing what is new in LottieLulu shop!!!