Monday, September 24, 2007

You Rock my World!

ACK, I am a rockin' girl blogger! So it is with shrill squeals of excitement and much squishy gushy crafty love that I make this post.

What is it about the crafty blog world that brings out so much love and kindness. I swear in real life I don't know half as many generous and talented people. It seems as though we are all not only blogging to share our love of crafting, thrifting, knitting or whatever ever it is that floats our boat, but we are also reaching out in friendship not just showmanship. A tutorial given isn't just a 'look at me and see what I have mastered' it is a 'let me help you and share with you what I have learned'. So yes, this is a gushy love-fest post and a chance to say thank you to some lovely girls for all the inspiration and kindness they have shared.

Thank you Morag for nominating me. Your sweet words made my day. If any of you haven't checked out Morags delightful blog, then head over to Percy and Cecil quick smart. I have always had a bit of a dilemma when it comes to posting personal info that isn't really related to my blogging life, but where do I draw the line? I know how much I love learning more about other bloggers and feeling excited that they have given me a little peek into their lives, and Morag is one of the women who I feel honoured to know just a tiny bit about. Her blog is definitely a crafty one and she is one multi talented lady, but knowing just a little about her struggle to become a mother makes sharing her blog space just that little bit more special. I know she is also a fellow EBer, but I am yet to work out her username. I have often thought about how I 'know' Morag as Cecil, but have no idea who she is on EB.

Anyhoo, here are my five nominations for girls that rock my blog world. I am sure some of them may have had the award already, but I shall just make them multi award winners!

Firstly Marianne over at Applehead. Mariannes was one of the first blogs I ever came across. In fact I snaffled up a giveaway mag she was offering on one of my first visits there and I didn't even have a blog at the time. She also lives quite nearby and I remember feeling this secret thrill of knowing such a talented crafty lady lived in my neighbourhood. Mariannes blog was the one that gave me the inspiration to start blogging myself. I also love that Marianne creates outside of the standard crafty space. She uses all sorts of mediums to create amazing things. Yes she can sew, but she can also crochet and draw and design and her paper crafts are true works of art.

Tamara is busy lapping up Europe at the moment, so her blog may be quiet for a little while, but go over there and check out this ladys amazing eye for beauty. Her blog is a sweet peaceful place that always makes me smile. Add to that the fact that she is the creator of Ella and Kate and the mother of three children and you will see why I find her inspiring. She gives me hope that one day my house will be as lovely, my creations as inspired and my life even half as organised as hers. Plus she is a sweetheart and generous to boot.

Claire over at Ethel loves Fred is a girl after my own heart. We seem to enjoy the same things, love the same fabrics and I truly appreciate her blogging friendship. She is the type of girl I would love to have over for afternoon tea. Hey Claire, you hear that! You are invited over, let's make a date!

Oh and then there is Pip, sweet Pip! What would my day be like without sipping my morning coffee while I check out meet me at mikes for the latest in cool crafty quirky delights! Any girl who loves the same illustrators as me is up there as a life long friend. Plus Pip is somehow able to write endlessly on the wondrous world of crafty and vintage goodness. It makes me smile knowing there is a place like Mikes and that it is run by a girl with such an extraordinary sense of fellowship as Pip.

And lastly I am nominating a girl blogger who no longer has a blog. Leah is the inspirational mumma behind too cool for spool. But due to reasons beyond her control, her lovely blog is no more. If you were lucky enough to ever catch her posts over there, then you will know what I mean when I say that Leah is truly a blogger with a heart of gold. She shared her sewing creations, her recipies, her amazing photographs and most touchingly of all, she shared her experiences as mother. Leah puts into words many of the feelings of love and grief that I have also felt, yet she is brave enough to share them with the world and show us the way a mothers love is meant to be, pure and unconditional. Leah, you know I think you are the greatest. You rock girl!


Helen said...

Congrats on your award Ingrid! You go girl!! I second the last nomination too, can't wait till she starts blogging again! :)

Jodie said...

yay - well done and congratulations. You seriously deserve this !!

Claire Falkingham said...

Wow, thanks for the nomination Ingrid, I was all overcome!

I'd love to come over for afternoon tea, or we could have a beach meet when the weather gets better, bring the kids, pack a picnic, bring the Big D's!!!

Morag said...

Thanks for your sweet words Ingrid! I'm all a flutter. Have been very blog-lazy of late, but will get back to blogging soon. I'm always inspired by the happenings at LottieLulu! Keep up the amazing work.

Tamara said...

Sometimes in blogworld you wonder if anyone actually enjoys what you write. It made me feel so good to read you generous words. Thank you.
I am back in my little suburban life now....lots of memories to keep me going.