Wednesday, October 17, 2007

take a peek

something for a little doll

something to go here

fabric wash day


Kirsty said...

Oh how I love fabric wash day! My favourite thing is line full of fabric drying on a sunny day. (my least favourite thing is ironing it all!)

I love the fabric in the shirt - can't wait to peek at it in store on Friday. Is it adult or child sized?

I just dscovered your blog last week, and am enjoying "lurking".

Kind Reagrds, Kirsty

Austy's Mum said...

Oooh - pretty fabrics! I adore that dress!!! Hopefully one of these days we'll be able to try for a pink one (as much as I love my little boy to bits, there are just so many pretty dresses around for little girls, and he's asked for a sister so hopefully...)

Corrie said...

ohhhh I have those 2 fabrics on the left in my stash too....SL recently and they go so well together!!!!!!!!!!! exact same colour and style

love your quilt and those squares are very neat miss...are you sure you're a beginner quilter....hmmmm I think not

ok I'm trying not to eat too much before sunday but its not working very well


Little Munchkins said...

The little dress looks cute! Can't wait to see the rest of the quilt too.

Helen said...

Love the quilt Ingrid! Lovely!! Can't wait for the restocking too!

Kristy said...

That vintage smock had mepop over from Flickr to say hello!