Thursday, October 04, 2007


This week is a big week for mister monster. He is moving on from nappies and into big boy undies. So to make it a bit easier we are staying home until he gets the hang of it. The downside is we are housebound and hot. Yes, that's another complaint about the weather. Yesterday was a scorcher. We invited friends over in the morning and we splashed and played in the pool until the kids were all worn out. Then when everyone went home we lay inside in front of the fans watching the little mermaid, until it was cool enough to go outside again in the late afternoon.

And what is better for lunch on a very hot day than tomatoes cold from the fridge. I popped a few in there in the morning knowing Lottie would want one by lunch time. And although they usually taste a lot more tomatoey when they aren't cold, when it is 34 degrees everything tastes better with a bit of chill.

She is transfixed by Ariel. I could not get her to look at me even once.

And in case you are wondering why tomatoes are so blog worthy, it was either a post about tomatoes or a long sad and sorry post lamenting the end of babyhood in the house. My little one is growing up way too fast.


Suz said...

Very cute pics, Ingrid. And I can certainly relate to the Ariel love - we get that a lot in this house.

Jodie said...

Tomatoes ...mmm.
Still cold here and we are getting excited about warmth - but seriosly not that warm. I operate best at about 23 degrees , not the 35 to 40 we can expect this summer. Cold tomatoes it will be !!