Thursday, December 06, 2007

on our tree

Inspired by some of the lovely homemade Christmas tree decorations I have seen around the place, like here and here, I thought I would post some photos of my favourite little handmade treasures. There is something so special about pulling out the decoration boxes each December and rummaging through them in search of the children's little masterpieces. And now that my eldest is seeming almost all grown up it makes pulling out these reminders of his childhood even more special. This little tree was made by him probably close to 10 years ago now, it is holding up much better than the majority of decorations he made. Note to self, use more felt and less paper when making decorations with the little ones.

This little safety pin angel was made by a friend and has had a special place on our tree for the last five years. I wish I knew how to make more like her. She is so tiny and pretty.

This one is a very Christmassy mix of foil patty pans, a bell, straws, wooden beads and goodness knows what other bits of sparkliness. It was made by Lottie last year on her kinder orientation day, and her little face lit up when she pulled it out of the box and hung it on the tree with pride.

I am afraid the little monster is still yet to add his contribution to the tree. Despite having had quite a few opportunities to make something he is more interested in running around naked and playing trains these days. He did decorate a letter to santa at playgroup this week so there is hope yet.

And I just wanted to show what Lottie gets up to most of the time when I am sewing. She takes some scraps and sets herself up on the floor somewhere and spends ages arranging and rearranging her pieces. She gets quite absorbed by it. It is lovely to see some of the things she comes up with. The picture will also give you a teaser of the fabrics I have used to make some new things for the ozebaby shop. They will all be up for sale tomorrow night.


Jodie said...

Those ornaments are great, sometimes i wish for the beautiful designer tree but all the crazy little handmade things from kinder make the tree special in its own funny way so I guess I am stuck with them.

Little Munchkins said...

My son loves to play with my scraps too. He does all sorts of things with them but his latest thing is to cut them up into small bits and then shove them into his toy cement mixer.

Kylie said...

Love all of the little decos on your tree! Those little angels are very cute - I will send you the instructions (but maybe for next year!)