Sunday, January 13, 2008

home again

back home, tired....make that exhausted. I always seem to come home from holidays more tired than when I left. Maybe one day I will have one of those refreshing lying by the pool sipping cocktail type holidays but at the moment my holidays are more the frazzled, hot sandy kids, screaming all night and sleeping on lumpy bed type.

I won't bore you with the details, instead I will bore you with the pictures.

Beautiful Tomakin Cove

Treasures from the sea

Deer at Mogo Zoo

Days spent at the beach

Kangaroos at South Durras

Lottie in her new glasses


Heids said...

So glad you posted a pic of Lottie in her new glasses - she looks adorable and what a good girl to be wearing them.

I am going to miss you on EB but will be visiting here regularly.

Cass said...

Great pics Ingrid looks like a great time. I'll miss you on EB to but hopefully we will stay in touch

lolliegirl said...

Your holiday place looks lovely! Lottie looks gorgeous in her new glasses too. I'm another one who will miss you on EB but I'll still be checking out your blog..

Helen said...

Welcome back Ingrid! I want to sign up for one of those lying by the pool sipping cocktail type holidays toooooooo!!! We aren't going to let you leave EB so easily you know!

The Handmade Life said...

Hello, Ingrid! Welcome back. We girls in the States have missed your lovely postings. I know what you mean about so called "holidays". Whew! I've stopped referring to them as vacations, and instead they are officially called "TRIPS"!

Kylie said...

Welcome home and thanks for the update and pics - Lootie looks very cute in her glasses - glad that you worked out what was going on with her eyes and it can be fixed!

Bec said...

Your holiday looks lovely - but I know what you mean. I didn't even go anywhere these holidays, and yet after the mania of a month of build-up and excitement, the calm of going back to our normal daily routines has seemed quite blissful.

Hope you are enjoying your non-lumpy, sand-free bed!