Friday, February 29, 2008

7 weird things you didnt know about me

I have been tagged by the super talented Kara. If you havent seen her wonderful bags then run over and check them out now. They are amazing! They give me bag lust. If anyone feels like buying me the Florentina ballerina bag, then go ahead. It would be well loved.

So here goes. I know I have done one of these in the past so excuse me if I repeat myself.

1. I love home brand/no frills cocoa pops. They are WAY better than the real thing. They keep their crunch in the milk for much longer and are more chocolatey

2. I have three sisters and a brother but am very slack and hardly keep in contact with them even though I love them all very much.

3. I had a bad reputation at school. I liked to kiss boys far too much and I was a little on the wild side. But hey, I was the lets have fun friendly kind of wild, not the nasty bully kind of wild, so I figure I really wasnt that bad.

4. I am incredibly lazy and hate housework of any kind. Dust is my friend. And as much as I love crawling into a freshly made bed at night I seem incapable of making it myself unless I have just washed the sheets.

5. I love watching medical shows and procedures in real life whenever I get the chance. I should have been a nurse. The big monster berated me just the other week for telling him that I found it fascinating when he got his stitches. Apparently that is not the motherly thing to say.

6. I hate brushing my teeth before bed. That minty freshness just wakes me up when all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep.

7. I like eating peanut butter and brown sugar on toast. But it is so incredibly decadent and unhealthy that I can never do it in front of the kids for fear that they will copy me and want some too.

I will now tag Cass, Helen, Karen, Heids, Clare, Bec and Tash. Here are the rules

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Lola...again said...

I'm with you on the Medical shows!! It makes my kids cringe!
I'm going to try Peanut butter and brown sugar for lunch!

Kara said...

Yay! What fun!

samantha said...

I can't believe there is someone else out there who doesn't like the teeth brushing before bed thing. And I hate that I'm always harping on to my daughter to do it when I hate it myself. I've never told anyone that before - phew!