Monday, February 11, 2008

this is......

....sunday lunch.

It isnt my usual Sunday lunch, but Saturday night dinner was bacon and mushroom pizza and Sunday breakfast was ham with eggs and toast, so by Sunday lunch there wasnt room for much else. Late in the afternoon I also worked my way through a bag of tiny chocolate easter eggs. I have two boxes of them which I am meant to be selling as a fundraiser for the kindergarten. But I have a sinking feeling that we will eat more than we sell and I will be writing out a rather large cheque to cover the cost of our weakness.

This chai tea is very yummy by the way and it tastes best made in a teacup. It comes out far too watery in a mug. It also shows off my favourite cup, which I should have shown you all the other week but I was still faffing about on whether to join in or not. It belonged to Mr Bigs nana and I love it.

Thanks to Lark for coming up with this weeks theme and making me drool over the deliciousness of every body elses lunches. Tea shmee! I really should have made more effort.

Please excuse the lack of apostrophies. My keyboard seems to think they are no longer nescessary.


AnastasiaC said...

yes some days Im happy with a cup of tea and a warm piece of toast for lunch...big breakfasts are the best!!
love the teacup!

megsie said...

I love a chai too Ingrid. My fav is Planet organic chai - yum!

Betty said...

this looks lovely.

glad to see I am not the only lunch in a cup person this week,

thanks for sharing