Monday, February 18, 2008

Who wants a tee?

Finally I can say I have finished some things for the ozebaby shop. It seems as though I have been putting off re-opening forever, but what with kinder starting, kids getting sick and now me getting sick it has just taken me a lot longer than expected.

To start with I have listed a selection of tees and am offering free shipping within Australia. There will be more things listed on the 29th of Feb, including my favourite gals Anna and Jayne as well as some other goodies.

So who wants a tee? You? Well go grab one!

Yes, this is a shameless grab for sales, but they are really really cute. I promise.


Kylie said...

Ingrid - glad to see that you have opened the shop again- love all of the smurf tees. Just wish there were more in mt B's size!

Leah said...

Well done on restocking your shop! My first thought when I read your post was: Anna-Jayne! *bless*