Monday, February 04, 2008

you make my day

The sweet and talented Ainslie over at Blossom has nominated me for the You Make My Day Award. Gosh it feels all warm and fuzzy to know people like stopping by here and that a little visit might even brighten up their day. So here is how it works

'Give the award to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness and inspiration and makes you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware, you may get this award several times'.

But you see it is impossible to name just 10. There are so many that I read that add a little sunshine to my life. So instead I am going to nominate all the girls in the EB sewing ring. Check them all out here. These girls have been so supportive and inspirational. They are not just my sewing/crafty friends they are my have a cry/have a laugh/have a whinge/chat about anything friends. We try and have local get togethers when we can and even catch up with interstate gals whenever we get the chance. In fact the countdown is on for two of the Perth girls who are coming to Sydney for a few days of fabric crawling, high tea and chit chat. I cant wait!


Little Munchkins said...

Aww, Ingrid. I am so touched that you nominated us. You know that I think you are wonderful too and I love that we all in the blog ring share such a precious friendship.

Helen said...

We can't wait either Ingrid! I am cutting back all fabric spending this month in preparation for those few days we have with you and Cass!