Friday, March 21, 2008

day five - vintage illustration week

Today I have chosen the illustrations by Pelagie Doane from Tell me about God by Mary Alice Jones. This edition is from 1966 but original copyright is 1943. I adore the gentleness of these images. I have been tempted to tear out and frame the frame the treehouse image but so far I have restrained myself. Maybe I will have to scan it first and make a copy, although it never looks quite the same when it isnt on delicious old creamy pages.

Take a visit over to mikes to check out who else is playing along with Pips wonderful illustration game.


AnastasiaC said...

im learning about So many gorgeous illustrators! lovely!
hope you're having a FAB Easter!

Bec said...

These are simply lovely. That ring-a-rosy illustration really captures something so innocent and happy and carefree. Love it.

Net said...

these are so dreamy! I love how idealistic and perfect everything looks - especially the tree house one!

Sherrin said...

How sweet are these?! I want a treehouse too! ;o)