Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the remnant warehouse

Here are the goodies I purchased at the remnant warehouse last week on my little shopping expedition. I was very silly and left them in the boot of the car and Cass kindly posted them home to me.

If you are in Sydney they are having a huge sale this saturday. I would love to go but it a) I have no money left and b) It is a little too far for me to go and c) I am meant to be on a fabric buying ban. Not that you can tell from all my purchases in the last few weeks, but I am back on the wagon, I promise. ( I do have one order on the way from here but I needed a pattern and of course had to fill an envelope to make the postage worthwhile, you know how it is)

I love the red spots so much. I can normally pick up spots at Spotlight but they always seem to be out of the red, plus these ones feel a much nicer quality. The carrots and peas is another American Jane print. Gosh I love that range! And this was on special so I had to have a piece. The ric racs were a just because purchase. You know the kind.....just because they were pretty and just because I wanted them.
And check out this guitar print! Adds thought I was crazy buying this one but wait until she sees mister monster in the funky pants I am going to make him with it. Some cute little rock and roll flares that I am sure will win her over.


purps said...

Those guitars are awesome Ingrid!! Did you buy much of it?? ;)

monART said...

ooooooooooh go away! I just LOVE the fabric you've spoiled yourself with ;-) have fun with it (won't be difficult) bye-bye mon (another crafty mama)

Sara said...

Oh I love going to the Remnant Warehouse. I always buy heaps of ric rac and trim there. Wish I could to the sale too, but I'm at a market all day Saturday.

Enjoy your new fabric! :)
(yet another crafty mama)

Bec said...

WWwaaaahhh, I wanna go to the Remnant Warehouse sale!!! What lovely fabrics you've got. I'm going away to sulk now :P

Gary said...

Hi, Can you tell me the name of the guitar fabric and do you sell any of it?