Wednesday, March 05, 2008

so much to tell!

Well it has been an amazingly wonderful few days catching up with my Perth sewing buddies, Helen and Adds. And my Sydney pal Cass too of course. We have done high tea, city shopping including a visit to kinokuniya, and most fun of all a fabric shopping crawl across the city. I was so distracted by the fun I forgot to take many photos, although there were quite a few snapped by the other girls and I am sure they will put them on their blogs. By yesterday afternoon I was exhausted and dizzy from looking at so many fabrics. I enjoyed their visit so much I am already dreaming of planning a jaunt to Perth to visit them. Thanks for a great time girls. I miss you already!

High tea treats

A box of goodies from Helen and Adds

A snailblazer bag from Cass

Fabric from Spotlight

And from the amazing Material Obsession these two wonderful prints.

The first one is a Japanese print called floral gate, by Junko Onishi. It was love at first sight when I spotted this bolt on the shelf. And although it was expensive and I tried to resist I just had to buy enough to make Lottie a little pini for the winter. The fabric is not heavy but I figure she can wear it over jeans and a sweater and still get wear out of it next summer. The picture does not do this one justice. It is amazingly beautiful and I hope I can turn it into something very special.

The second one is a gorgeous Japanese deer print. I think this will be little pockets on smocks. and pants for the shop. There was also a divine soft pink rose print linen which I adored but at $50 a metre and with empty pockets I had to say no. I cant stop thinking about it though and maybe, just maybe, I will sneak back one day and buy enough for a cushion cover for my bed.

We also stopped in at the remnant warehouse but Cass was driving and forgetful me left the bag in the back of her car. So you will have to wait for those pictures.

The postman has also been making lots of visits in the last few days. So tomorrow I will be back with pictures of some lovely goodies that have made their way to my house. Lucky me!


Cathy said...

sounds like you guys had so much fun. The Tea House sounds lovely, I will have to go next time I drop into Sydney. I have used that Japanese fabric that you love so much - I made it up into a messenger bag. Very nice. All your goodies are fantastic.

Ainslie said...

You're such a lucky girl. I love High Tea!!! We have a gorgeous little place in Perth that I've been to a few times for High Afternoon Tea with my daughter, my sister and her daughter. The little girls just LOVE it. But I'm sure it's WAY better with 'big' girls!!! Such lovely goodies they made for you too!!!

CurlyPops said...

That high tea looks divine. Now I'm hungry...

Bec said...

oooo I bought that deer print material and it is GORGEOUS! The Material Obsession shop is about 5 mins away from my house and I get completely overwhelmed when I;m in there! I try to NEVER take my credit card when I go there :)