Tuesday, April 15, 2008

chooken plus pillowcase fun

Thats right. This is a chooken not a chicken, well according to mister monster anyway.

Her name is Olivia (named by Lottie) and she likes nothing better than lazy days spent in bed reading The princess and the pea.
But be careful...... she pecks.

If you are brave enough you can get your own Betty and Hamish stuffed buddy at mikes.
And see the pretty pillowslip on Lotties bed, well that is my sneaky first contribution to a week of pillowcases. It was an op shop find that was covered in yellow stains. After a good long soak it came out a treat and now is one of my favourites. Tomorrow I think I will show off my favourite ever pillowcase creation. I just have to find a picture.


Sherrin said...

Gorgeous chooken!! ;o) Hey you should be playing along with the pillowcase show and tell Kirtsy and Pip have on this week- that's a beautiful pilliowcase in the background!

ingrid said...

Oh yay, I shall join in right now and cheat as well by editting this post. Thanks for the tip off Sherrin :-)

Corrie said...

cute....especially the pillowcase what a find!


Cascade Lily said...

Ingrid I love the 'chooken' - ROmily says it's saying 'crockadoodledoo'!!

meg said...

that is one fantastic chicken!