Thursday, April 17, 2008

a lovely morning tea

Miss Sadie and Lance came over yesterday for a morning tea chit chat and playtime. It was truly like we were old friends and could have nattered on all day. She brought with her the cutest little smurf, who was the best ever entertainment for my two little ones, and a delicious chocolate slice (I will have to pester her for the recipe). I baked lemon bars, because I just had to after going all mouth watery and having cravings after seeing these ones here.

So with sweet treats and fabulous company it was just an all round fun morning. And I got to ask her a million and one questions about Melbourne, I just hope I didnt bore her silly. Mister monster was enthralled with the smurf, who took all the attention rather well, including being sat on, having toys put all on top of him and even being measured with the tape measure.

I feel like I have found a fabulous new friend and there is just no nicer feeling than that.

The evening sadly was not as much fun though as Lottie decided to give mister monster a snow bear ride across the lounge room which ended up with her head hitting the floor, blood, tears and a visit to the medical centre. No stitches thank goodness but some of those sticky little strips to hold it all together while it heals.


JustJess said...

What a day! Having spent 30 years in Melb, I think it's great, and am sure you will too. I miss it, and really want to go back! Lemon bars look mouth-watering... So lucky there were no stitches.

megsie said...

poor lottie :( Hope she heals quickly! Yummy slice there too! I think I need to make that, but I'd probably be greedy and eat it all myself:)

Corrie said...

yes that miss sadie and lance is one nice lady and I felt the same with her....looking forward to catching up with her in sydney...and you hopefully

wow that slice looks delish and hope miss lottie is feeling better soon


SadieandLance said...

Now Lottie while I think you make a fabulous Snow Bear one should be careful when escorting monsters across the lounge room! Lucky for you you got some cool sticky strips to use as face stickers.

And yes isn't it funny how you can meet someone once and feel like you've been friends forever. Sigh.

OH yes the recipe, I'll email it to you.

Little Munchkins said...

Poor Lottie! Hope she heals quickly.

Oh my, that lemon slice looks really mouth watering. I think I need to make some myself soon.

Tamara said...

I had seen those lemon bars too. Yummy.

Hope that Lottie is feeling better soon and she heals perfectly.

Cascade Lily said...

Looks like a lot of us read Angry Chicken - I looked away really fast from the pic of those lemon bars because they look TOO GOOD!

Glad Miss Lottie did not need stitches!

Claire said...

How devine does that lemon slice look!! So good I would definately break my health kick at the moment for it!!
Hope Lottie heals soon - poor sausage!

eileensattic said...

Those lemon bars look perfect. Makes me want to make some today!

Your tea sounded so lovely. :)

Natalie said...

Oh poor Lottie, hope she is feeling much better now. Maybe some of those delicious slices helped cheer her up?