Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely mummas out there. I am a day late, I know, but I was busy being fed, spoilt and pampered. All the fun stuff that you have to lap up while you can get it, so I am sure you will forgive me.

Mr Big surprised me with my own little coffee machine. It has pride of place on the kitchen bench and the exciting shwishing noise it makes every time I steam the milk has won over my heart. The kids are thrilled that babycinos can now be had whenever they like. What fun!

And as some of you already know we had an action packed few days last week with Lottie fracturing her wrist at kinder. Here is the result. We have 3 more weeks in this little baby. Thank goodness it is one of those fancy fandangled waterproof numbers that can go in the bath and even in the pool at swimming lessons. Years ago when the big monster broke his wee leg there wasnt such luxury and it made for a very long healing time. She is doing just fine now and seems to be over the worst of it. She is even back to climbing trees and has a huge bruise on her bottom from falling out of one only the day after she had the cast put on. Such are the perils of being four.

Oh and I finally got around to listing some of my vintage storybook tags. Check them out over at madeit.


Blossom said...

I got the same present as you...a coffee machine. And my kids are also super excited at the thought of having unlimited baby cinos!!!

Tamara said...

Happy Mother's Day Ingrid. My mother's day present is still on order, but I am not complaining - a green Kitchen Aid. Lucky lucky me.

Glad Lottie is feeling better.

Emma said...

James is still thrilled by regular babycinos at home since we received one at Christmas!

Ang said...

Wow, Mr Big did well!!
Glad Miss C's arm is on the mend. I didn't even know they did waterproof ones these days.

Kylie said...

Happy Mothers Day - glad that you were spoilt! A new coffee machine - yumm I can smell the coffee from here!

Pleased to hear that Lotties arm is on the mend and it is not stopping her doing all of those four year old things!