Tuesday, May 27, 2008

tin whistling goodness

A few weeks back I did a swap with Milly who makes super dooper fabulous kids clothes under her Tin Whistle label. She made these fabulous snuggly cords for mister monster that come with a special detatchable pocket, because we all know little boys can never have enough pockets for all their treasures.

And as much as I love the pants I was completely blown away by this super spinning strawberry twirly skirt that was tucked in the package. It was made for Lottie by Millys daughter Elizabeth and she is only eight! Thats right. An eight year old whipped this up all by herself. That kind of fabulous crafty enthusiam and talent just knocks my socks off. You are one clever girl Elizabeth, you must take after your mumma. Lottie has been spinning like crazy every time she wears it as you can see from this pic. Sorry for the blurry photo but I was getting dizzy and just couldnt get her to stand still.


Brenda said...

How awesome that that fabulous skirt was made by and eight year old!!!
Although it does make me feel particularly inadequate at the helm of my own sewing machine;)

Milly said...

Ooooh Thank you so much Ingrid for blogging some pics. I read out your blog entry to Elizabeth and showed her the pics and the beam on her face was magic! My own beam is not far behind hers too.

Corrie said...

wowsers 8! I hope keira is that creative when she's in primary school! and how long are will's legs looking...he looks very tall!