Monday, June 02, 2008

to pack or not to pack

Everything is going in boxes. The floors are being sanded next week and then the house will be painted, so it is time to pack away my shelves. I will be leaving out one crate of fabric, but how on earth do I decide what goes in it. That one crate will be all I have access to for a few months, oh the decisions are killing me!

These lovely fabrics are a mix of ones I bought from Amitie while we were in Melbourne and some from retro mummy which arrived last week. Surely they are too pretty to be packed away so soon.
Oh and I am opting out of this weeks this is. I dont have a pet and I cant even say I have ever really been an animal person. We did always have cats when I was a kid, and I did have a goldfish named Betty while I was at uni that lived for 6 years, but I dont have any pictures to share at all. Lottie is determined to have a kitten and mister monster has described in great detail the wooden house he is going to build for a pet rabbit, so maybe we will be an animal household one day soon.


Cass said...

Feel free to send anything my way LOL. We don't have a pet either.

Kylie said...

Ingrid - packing is SO over rated - sort it out at the other end I say!

Love the new fabrics - could you have a little open box by your bed as well?

Dixiebelle said...

Wow! Love those fabrics. Shame to have to pack them up, but it's amazing what you find in boxes that have been packed away, things you had forgotten about, and delight in finding again!

Jenny said...

Such lovely fabrics-no way can they be packed away for such a long time!!

Kirsty said...

All those need to stay within easy reach - for sure!

ismoyo said...

Oh so pretty! Can so understand you don't want to miss them for a long time. Keep them close!

Anna Laura said...

Hi Ingrid, you won my blog giveaway! If you want to email me at
anna {at} and I can get your details to send the prize!


Ravenhill said...

These are the most gorgeous fabrics! What fun you will have putting them to use!