Thursday, July 17, 2008


Finally we are back in our sweet little house. And now it is all painted and looks lovely and fresh.

The thing is that the fresh paint just highlights the ratty old furniture and everything else that is just too shabby (and sadly has no chic).

But it is nice to be home.

I am afraid I have not done one single crafty thing at all the last few weeks. Instead we have been rugging up and playing on the beach to collect shells and build castles, taking in a few movies on the rainy days and celebrating Mr Bigs 40th birthday.

Hopefully I will get stuck into the sewing over the weekend and have some Anna smocks to list in the shop soon. And even though I was on a total thifting ban I just had to join in this vintage sheet swap, so now I have an excuse for just a tiny bit of op shopping. I was so glad Meika decided to run this as I missed out on the one over at Oh Fransson and it looks like my dream swap. So hurry up if you want to join in, sign ups are open until the end of the month.


Bird Bath said...

Oh I do love getting rugged up to go to the beach...looks like a fun time!

Leah said...

great to see you back!! We have missed your posts! LOve your blog.

AJ said...

Welcome back! Great photos looks like the kids are having fun!!

PS I've given you an award over on my blog!

Jodie said...

I had to join up too - I couldn't help myself!