Wednesday, July 30, 2008

mess free activities for unhealthy parents

After recovering from a nasty bout of the flu which ended in laryngitis I was still feeling a tad ho hum. Then I woke up with a neck ache and my hand started tingling, then my arm as well. Of course I was convinced this was a sign of calamity to come, perhaps a stroke or heart attack even. It is amazing what dire possibilities one can come up with in the middle night when running on painkillers and coffee. A visit to the gp has set my mind at ease and I am off to the physio to hopefully fix it all up. But in the meantime I have been listening to the kids whinge and beg for all manner of messy activities like paint and playdoh. Now normally I am a craft loving mumma but the thought of controlling any even remotely messy activities in a freshly painted house with a dodgy arm and a croaky voice just sends shivers down my spine.


So to satisfy the crafty kids I pulled out all the shells we collected down at the beach in the school holidays and they have spent the last hour or so making lovely creations on the kitchen table. And the best part is they make one, I snap a pic and then they start again. No glue needed. And the only tidying up required is scooping the shells back into their jar when they are all done. What bliss!



Amanda said...

What a great idea! Yesterday we pulled the dolls house off the back deck and brought it into the house. Its an empty shell but I got a box of different coloured bits of paper and made little chairs and tables using sticky tape, gave them to Kezi and she had a ball. Soon I discovered that she really just wanted the bits of paper as they were and she went about making her own little things up with them. No glue either!! Woo hoo! yay for non messy activities when its raining!

JustJess said...

Fabulous! Great idea for mess-free craft. Must try this with the kids. Thanks for the idea.

Little Munchkins said...

What a fabulous idea. I think I need to expand my beach collection. It's quite shells so far and only 2 pebbles. OK, it's very pathetic.

LittleWhiteDove said...

I am so going shell-hunting! What a great idea to make the kids feel crafty without the mess.

steve.g.morris said...

Oh I have been thinking of you ingrid. Your posts have been a little less frequently lately and I was figuring you had a fair bit on your plate. Not much fun when the mama is sick!

Hope you are on the mend and your craft idea seems perfect.

See you in a few weeks:)

Kys said...

That is such a lovely mess free idea!

Must try this with my DD she would love it!

Bird Bath said...

A lovely past time, strolling the beach for treasures and then sorting and playing with the momentos. we do it too.