Friday, August 29, 2008


Hama beads all over the house, a broken vacuum cleaner and a million and one things to do for the party tomorrow, including making a pink pig cake and a giant cardboard princess.

That is my Friday, how about yours?

And a huge thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes for Lottie. I read them out to her and she was super thrilled that so many people were thinking of her. She is loving the whole 5 thing too. Apparently when you are 5 you dont get as tired and can do more stuff. You only get tired when it is time to clean up, and then you MUST rest, because your legs are only 5 not 6. HMMmmmm, I wish my legs were 5.


Car said...

That's a great philosophy to have in life :) hope Lottie had a great birthday and the party goes off without a hitch! Look forward to seeing pics of the b'day cake :D

trashalou said...

Could a birthday party game not be to pick up the Hama beads? Prize for the one who gets the most.