Tuesday, August 05, 2008

out of the groove

After the whole packing and moving out while painting then being a household full of germs thing, I have lost my blogging and crafty groove. I am trying to get back there but I dont know what has happened. I still have a pile of smocks and other WIPs sitting piled up and looking rather forlorn on my ironing board, but try as I might I am struggling to complete anything.

I figured the best way to get inspired again would be to go out visiting and just look at all the loveliness I came across along the way.

slippers over at the bird bath. I think these are my dream slippers. They are so delightful.

A swoon worthy giveaway at the small stuff.

More inspiration from one of the most talented and generous bloggers in town.

The most delightful spot for a small boy to sleep. Created by Tamara at bluebird makes her nest.

And lastly the epitome of lovely over at Lark.

*All these pics were originally uploaded at the linked blog. They are not my own.*

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