Monday, August 18, 2008

things that make me go *^&%^$$^%*&%$#!

-sewing sheer curtains that pucker and catch. This little job turned into a huge one and overall it is probably some of the worst sewing I have ever put my name to. The only good thing about these curtains is that they were free.

-spending so much of my time caught up in jobs around the house, that I have forgotten what it is I even like doing on weekends, making it hard to play along with this weeks This is

-conjunctivitis! That ugly little eye bug is back in the house already after visiting just a few weeks ago. I have a sneaky suspicion it never left, maybe it was just hiding out under the bed waiting for another chance to make the kids all weepy and gunky and contagious again.

And that is it for the whinging, because I dont want to spoil all the happiness that has been going around lately and I am trying to be more mindful of the good rather than the bad. Thanks for reminding me Tamara.

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candi said...

We have the dreaded conjunctivitis bug here too. Poor Dexie's eye lashes are all gummed up.