Monday, November 03, 2008

November vintage pattern giveaway

Yay for FREE patterns!

It is a new month so it is pattern giveaway time at Lottielulu. This month I am including one of my favourite patterns, McCalls 2382. I love this style but I know my limitations. I am crappy at putting on collars and try as I might to look cool and casual in a front opening dress I have never pulled it off. This is also totally the wrong size for me so I know it is time to pass it on. It is a vintage 1970 pattern, size 12, and all pieces and instruction sheet appear to be there even if the envelope has seen better days.

Next up is Vogue 8545 from 1955 for a 30inch bust. Just look at the glamourous illustration, this gal is the epitome of chic! I adore the neckline on view A, it is so so lovely. Again all pattern pieces and instruction sheet seem to be there, although I have not pulled them all out to check properly. Keep in mind this is an old style paper pattern with holes and notches for markings, there is no printing on the pattern pieces themselves. It might sound extra tricky but if you take it slow it really isnt that much harder to use.

And last is Simplicity 6861 in size 12 from 1966. I love the skirt and blouse version of this one especially. The pieces and instruction sheet are all in good condition and it looks like most pieces are uncut!

So if you would like these gorgeous old patterns then just leave a comment here telling me your favourite Christmas tradition. I will draw one lucky name next Tuesday the 11th of November. I will post anywhere in the world so all you international gals can play along too. So go on, stop lurking and leave a comment!


Car said...

Oooh - I love that McCalls pattern :)

Favorite Christmas Tradition would have to be christmas eve party at Nan & late pops house complete with Santa & pressies, Nan on the organ playing all the christmas carols, sadly we haven't had one in years as the kiddies all grew up and flew the coup and Nan claims at 84 she's way too old - now where is that rolly eye smiley ;)

Sarah Gu... said...
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Sarah Gu... said...

Oh, those patterns are so sweet! I love the simplicity one especially. I'd love the make the long-sleeved version in a mini length to wear with tights and boots all winter long.

My favorite Christmas tradition? That's easy. We all sit around the fireplace, and Grandpa plays the ukulele for us. Left handed, of course. He plays old hobo songs and even older country songs. Somehow we managed to get two ukulele players in the same family, so sometimes he and my step-aunt will play a couple of duets. We have a small family, so Christmas is a low-key affair, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've experienced big, loud, family Christmases through a boyfriend, and they're fun, but I find it so comforting to return to Grandpa's quiet house and listen to his sweet, old songs.

Claire said...

How could I not enter this one- they are just lovely (despite the fact that I should be destashing!).
Favourite Christmas tradition - just getting together with the family - all of us - having the most wonderful food - usually a bbq included with all the yummy summer fruits - like a tray FULL of mangoes & a cold watermelon. And of course - the backyard game of cricket!

Oh I can't wait for christmas now!

cassandra said...

Well, where I live there isn't any big hype over Christmas. But the one thing I remember doing every year is sitting down with the whole family watching reruns/remakes of movies like Scrooge or The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

I really like those patterns and I hope I win! :D

Kate said...

Fav Chrissy tradition... definitely watching carols by candlelight on christmas eve, devouring shortbread and chocolate truffles (or "tuffles" as my daughter would say!) all made by my mum, and enjoying some frangelico on ice....

Bec said...

Oh, who can go past a roast on Christmas day? Yep, even that year when we had the 42 degree day in Queensland, we did up a roast for lunch. And back then we didn't even have air con :O

So yeah, Christmas lunch. There nothing like it. Everyone together, cold champagne, roast veggies, cauliflower with white sauce, trifle, Christmas pudding, and of course the crackers with the hats and lame jokes :)

alice said...

Favourite thing about Christmas: christmas eve dinner and christmas day lunch.
Food and cooking is very important at our home, so the whole process of preparing the dishes is my favourite part, because everybody participates :)

I love the vogue patterns!!!

Amy (badskirt) said...

Wow! Great patterns and they are my size. that never happens!

I've got a wonderful Christmas tradition that I'll blog about closer to the holidays. When I was very young, my mom got an adult size santa hat for me. Every Christmas eve, I wore the hat to bed and took my santa hat dog with me. My mom would take a photo of me asleep waiting for santa. When I was old enough to fall asleep after mom, she'd have me pose like I was dreaming. When I got older, my friends and husband took the photo for me and we sent it back her.

Mom is gone now, but I have close to 35 years of photos and I can only imagine the joy it brought her watching me knowing that I'd be full of smiles when I saw under the tree the next day.

Leah said...

Ingrid, I'm with you on your favourtie one, its gorgeous cept not my size either! I will be back next month to see what's up next. gee whiz you must have a stash!

Artsy Momma said...

Baking cookies, while drinking hot cocoa is by far one of my favorite things to do during the holidays.

Flowerdew Onehundred said...

My favorite Christmas tradition? Party dresses!

I do love to cook and make and ship lots of cookies.

Ginny said...

I adore the Vogue pattern, and it's just my size!!!
My favorite Christmas tradition was driving home with my parents late on Christmas Eve (after spending a rip-roaring time with all of my cousins), and looking for Rudolph's nose glowing in the night sky. We ALWAYS saw it, although my sister sometimes thought it was just an airplane light or a radio tower :-)
My husband and I have carried that tradition on with our own children and grand-children.

Sewfast said...

My favorite Christmas tradition hands down is watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, with Burl Ives as Sam the Snowman. I've been doing it for over 40 years! Mary

Loz and Dinny said...

Ooo the favourite of yours is the favourite of mine - my favourite Xmas tradition is opening your stocking first thing in the morning in bed! (closely followed by entree of crustaceans galore)

mama mogantosh said...

Hi Ingrid,

Thast McCalls pattern is the perfect project for a breastfeeding mums summer dress - love those front-openings...

I'm looking forward to a Xmas with three toddlers and two babies in the family - the first year the little ones are big enough to get into putting out carrots for reindeers and beer for Santa. I was also lucky enough to mate with a songs around the piano will feature.

This year it's ll about creating the new traditions, and hoping they'll stick for decades.

Can't wait!

Caity said...

Love all three patterns!

Our Christmas tradition: we always have a Charlie Brown tree - well, more of a twig, really! with one lone red ball ornament. Tickles us pink every eyar!

Carol said...

My favourite Christmas tradition would have to be prawns, oysters and champagne for breakfast. I live in Australia in the subtropics and it's usually hot and humid on Christmas day. We have a large family gathering, usually 18 but sometimes more. Each year it's at a different house. We lay out a platter of dozens and dozens of oysters on ice and several tubs of king prawns, plus a lot of icy cold champagne. Sometimes we have champagne cocktails, sometimes just a strawberry in the champagne. When all this eating is done, we start cooking lunch. When we've eaten lunch, we all usually fall asleep in the shade and wake up promising not to eat so much next year.

oni said...

my favorite christmas tradition is making up hot apple ciders and walking along the canals with .. sometimes my boyfriend we'd hold hands and look at the beautiful christmas lights hanging from boats homes and docks... my best friends singing our own um special ..versions of carols.. or alone enjoying a southern california christmas which asllows me the one chance to bundle up and pretend to have seasons

Katherine said...

Squeal!!!! What lovely vintage patterns! I would love a chance to win them.

My favourite Christmas tradition when I was growing up was decorating the tree. Most of our ornaments had a story behind them - either handmade or special gifts (including the ones that were bought as baby's first Christmas - one for me and each of my sibs).

Kylie said...

Ingrid - you have a lovely selection of vintage goodness of all sorts in your house - Love this selection.

Humm Christmas Traditions - it is always hard when you start a family of your own snd trying to jepp the two into one and then doing some special things that are yours!

We started the advent calender last year and everyday instead of a chocolate Amelia got to choose a box and we did what was to do. Things that were special were going to church, giving a gift to the wishing tree and going for a walk around the area to look at the Christmas lights.

Kirst said...

Ooh! I can do collars!!! Love that dress.
My favourite Christmas tradition is only a few years old, but I am looking forward to it continuing annually.

Every year I make 24 little boxes/balls/presents of some sort and place small gift/lollies/chockie inside them as a avent calendar. But every year the placement of them has changed.

When my kids had no idea they were just strung on the banister in order and one a day was opened. As they are learning to count and what the days mean (closer to Santa) I mix the numbers up on the banister and they have to find the correct one. Now, as they get even older, they get spread around the house and it has turned into a bit of a scavenger hunt to find the day's treat.

I love building up the excitement of Christmas for my kids. It is a time that we cherish as a family and I want our kids to know every year how special it is not for the presents, but for the times that we are together.

Thanks for letting me share that.
Kirsten xx

Chas and Jean said...

Love the Simplicity pattern!

My favorite Christmas tradition is taking a walk with my mother on the beach on Christmas Day while my sisters are off with their husbands' families. We all celebrate together Christmas Eve, but I am the only one who has moved out of town, and this gives me and my mother some nice time alone. Plus the beach always soothes jangled holiday nerves. We finish off our walk with a repast of Mexican food.

geogrrl said...

To me, the preparations were always more fun than the actual day. We didn't start shopping or decorating or baking until the week before Christmas.

Decorating the tree was the best. Going and getting a fresh one, and hanging all the ornaments. My favourites were the painted glass birds with the nylon-fiber tails from the 1950s.

My job was the yearly untangling and testing of the indoor and outdoor Christmas lights. I was the only one who actually liked doing it.

Elle said...

Kind of a weird one, reading everyone else's, but I always spent some of my time in December visiting the VA and old folk's homes and passing out cards or ornaments to those that are forgotten. I've been doing this since I was a little girl, and my mom used to have to help.

As I got older and my ex and I had to share the holidays, the ones I'm alone and when I didn't live close to my family, I go visit for the day, because there's no sense in me being alone and them being alone, then I go to Waffle House or IHOP and have a late dinner picking up my son (I used to do it when I was younger too, amazing the amount of people alone even in a restaurant). The times I'm not, my son and I go before Midnight Mass spend the evening visiting, and sharing THEIR traditions and memories, and we go to a late dinner.

I do visit the rest of the year, but the Holidays are always special, because you truly can see how much something simple like stopping by means to many of them, and it's always rewarding when the grumpy old lady who hates everyone grumbles and complains that you've ruined her day pats your hand, or the vet with a stroke is waiting in his wheelchair at the elevators because he knew you weren't going to forget him.

LOL, I like old people.

gaylen said...

My favorite Christmas tradition started when I married my husband. We are a blended family and we were trying to create our own tradition.

So, sometime before Thanksgiving we will look for a jigsaw puzzle with Santa in it. Has to have Santa. After Thanksgiving is cleaned up - we get out the puzzle and start building. It was something the whole family could participate in. Now that the kids are all grown and gone - hubby & I still build a puzzle every year.

fourkid said...

Thaks for the give aways - to whomever is the recipient - it is so generous of you to do this.

My favorite tradition is the holiday cooking - it is a great excuse to cook and cook and cook - and I love to serve up all that food to anyone I can get to sit and eat.

janice.fawcett said...

I have recently just finshed in Art college, and moved from Dublin(Ireland)to Cork( away from my friends!), and am still trying to find my feet and get settled.I am very interested in sewing, and because i need something new and exciting in my life, I have started making clothes.
Nothing would make me happier than the vintage patterns, I think they would be a sign, that my new ideas and hard work will pay off, I want to keep being my creative self, an really make sure I lead a creative life and not just settle for any old job just to earn money.

Finishing in art college is daunting... the big bad world can swallow people up so easily, thats why I am so keen on my new sewing projects to work on into the night after a day in the office!

so please choose me!

my favourite christmas traditon, would be going into my parents room and helping my mum wrap present.The smell of the paper, and that quiet time we share together in the build up to christmas ,to me, really is my favourite christmas tradition!

I love your website.I'm so glad i stumbled upon it-


Laura said...

Our tradition was that we listened to an old record -A Visit to Santa's Toy Shoppe on Christmas Eve. Our family all slept in the same room, so noone could creep out and interrupt Santa. I don't know how any of us slept.

In the morning we proceeded to the tree and presents smallestyoungest first- that was me, and the dog of course. Santa always ate the cookies we left and drank the milk even the carrots we left for the reindeer. Gosh, just the sound of the record or a magical "swish" takes me back to all those years. And the greatest gift I ever got was the feeling of magic, anything could happen.

Thanks for taking me back, I got a bit teary and now my heart is all warm.

Jenny said...

Great! My Christmas holiday tradition ever since I was a little girl was to drive around with my family Christmas Eve to look at all the lights on the houses around our and neighboring towns. My dad loved this the most and would give a running commentary on which house had the nicest decorations and would prod, relentlessly, for our favorite house on every street.

Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Oh- one of my favorite new christmas traditions is making pomanders- where you stick the cloves in the orange... here is my post from last christmas:
My other favorite tradition is doing service the week before or on christmas morning. one christmas we painted a woman's house for her and the next christmas before any of us kids got to even look at the presents, we went to a homeless shelter and served them homemade cinnimon rolls and orange juice, hot chocolate, etc... That christmas was a defining memory in my childhood.