Monday, April 27, 2009

garden dreaming

1. IMG_8209, 2. artichoke, 3. cabbage, 4. Karena's Vegie Patch - 2310064

This is what I want. A little vegie patch all of my own. I will share with the kids of course.

We have tried once before and had some success in the form of one small mishappen carrot and a few mini watermelons that yeilded about a tablespoon each of pink juiciness. The problem is we have lots of night time visitors in the form of possums and bandicoots. They seem to think all my efforts at growing stuff are purely to provide them with midnight feasts. But even Mr Big has agreed to help me start again, this time building some sort of enclosure to try and keep the wildlife away. I know the start of winter is not really the ideal time to start, but I guess it just means I will have a prolonged planning stage. If anyone has any tips, sites or books to help me along the way it would be much appreciated. I am not known for my gardening skills so need all the help I can get.


sophie said...

Andrew and I have talked and talked about getting a veggie patch up and running but it just feels too hard! There certainly is a lot to learn. Maybe if you blog about your progress it will inspire me to get my butt into gear.
BTW are you going on Wednesday night? Maybe we can car pool?

Hazel said...

It is hard when you have pests to contend with. How great you are going to have some sort of construction to keep out the greedy little locals, I would love something like that, though in our case it would be for a shade cloth. My other recommendation is a drip watering system, if you are lazy with the watering like me. Cheapy ones are about $20 and pretty easy to put together :)

Tracey Petersen said...

We have just finished making ours. I am in love with spending my afternoons out the back watering. I notice at Bunnings they have a bird netting for about $2 per metre. I thought about putting stakes in each corner of the garden bed and stretching the netting down like a curtain to keep unwanted creatures out.

see it here:

Kylie said...

Oh Ingrid - I have visions of Wallis and Gromits contraptions in your backyard LOL.

Start start start I say.

Here are a few good sites for you and a little inspiration

Planting guide - it is great and a month by month what to plant in what area.

Down to earth Blog - it is great inspiration

The back to basics challenge over at Belinda's blog - lots of links to people trying to do what you want to do - go check it out - you can even join in the fun

Hope that is of some help - I am also blogging my success and failures along the way.

Good luck with building the 'cage'

Tania said...

I'm with you. There is a seed (sorry) of an idea for our back garden involving corrugated steel water tanks without their tops or bottoms. I'm after an interesting vegie garden (just in case nothing grows!).

Beach Vintage said...

I was a horrid gardener until I started my vege patch. There are loads of books but I reckon the best way to learn is by just getting in there and see what works in your garden and what doesnt.